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Bingo is back at the Bundaberg Services Club, bigger and better than ever!


6 sessions per week with PETS and paper available.

Mini Big Bucks Games have Commenced.

Bookings for the Courtesy Bus are essential due to limited numbers.

Tea and Coffee available.


SUNDAY 1:30PM  Doors open 12:30PM

Jackpots $3000, $1000 + 2 x $500 

$20 for Book of 10 games/Book of Treble games


MONDAY 7PM Doors open 6PM

Jackpots $3000 + 2 x$500

$10 for 2 Books of 10 games


TUESDAY 10AM Doors open 9AM

Jackpots $3000 + $500 

$12 for Book of 10/Book of Treble games


WEDNESDAY 7:30PM  Doors open 5:30PM

Jackpots $1000 + $500 

$18 for Book of 10/Book of Treble games


THURSDAY 10AM Doors open 9AM

Jackpots $3000 + $500 

$12 for Book of 10/Treble games


FRIDAY 9:30AM Doors open 8:30AM

Jackpots $3000 + $1000 + $500 

$15 for Book of 10/Treble games




PET - Programmable Electronic Ticket

The new, exciting way to play Bingo

  • The PET handheld is a light weight compact portable unit that enables you to offer your patrons a new and exciting way of playing bingo.  More importantly the PET allows your patrons to play as many tickets as they wish (or the maximum permissible depending on local gaming regulations) without the physical restrictions associated with paper tickets.
  • The PET handheld is designed to enhance the players bingo experience without changing the nature of the game, this is achieved by using a 90 number touch pad with numbers in columns much the same as a set of six paper bingo tickets.
  • As numbers are called the player simply marks off each number on the 90 number touchpad.
  • With each number entered the PET will automatically mark all tickets in play arranging the players tickets so that tickets closest to winning are always on display.
  • The PET will prompt the player when they are one away on any individual ticket and when they have a claim.


The Bundaberg Services Club supports responsible gambling and the contents of this page are not intended for minors or excluded patrons.


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