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Live Entertainment at Bundaberg Services Club

Wednesdays 6pm, Fridays 6pm, Saturdays 6pm & Sundays 12pm

August, September & October 2019


21-Aug-19 Wednesday Clinton Honor
23-Aug-19 Friday Clinton Honor
24-Aug-19 Saturday Clinton Honor
25-Aug-19 Sunday Clinton Honor
28-Aug-19 Wednesday Baz Tones 
30-Aug-19 Friday Baz Tones 
31-Aug-19 Saturday Baz Tones 
1-Sep-19 Sunday Baz Tones 
 4-Sep-19 Wednesday  Neil Wenck
6-Sep-19 Friday Neil Wenck
7-Sep-19 Saturday Neil Wenck
8-Sep-19 Sunday Neil Wenck
11-Sep-19 Wednesday Bevan Spiers
13-Sep-19 Friday Bevan Spiers
14-Sep-19 Saturday Bevan Spiers
15-Sep-19 Sunday Bevan Spiers
18-Sep-19 Wednesday Shelly Waters
20-Sep-19 Friday Shelly Waters
21-Sep-19 Saturday Shelly Waters
22-Sep-19 Sunday Shelly Waters
25-Sep-19 Wednesday Garry Carlon
27-Sep-19 Friday Garry Carlon
28-Sep-19 Saturday Garry Carlon
29-Sep-19 Sunday Garry Carlon
2-Oct-19 Wednesday Ana
4-Oct-19 Friday Ana
5-Oct-19 Saturday Ana
6-Oct-19 Sunday Ana
9-Oct-19 Wednesday Baz Tones 
11-Oct-19 Friday Baz Tones 
12-Oct-19 Saturday Baz Tones 
13-Oct-19 Sunday Baz Tones 
16-Oct-19 Wednesday Clinton Honor
18-Oct-19 Friday Clinton Honor
19-Oct-19 Saturday Clinton Honor
20-Oct-19 Sunday Clinton Honor
23-Oct-19 Wednesday Shelly Waters
25-Oct-19 Friday Shelly Waters
26-Oct-19 Saturday Shelly Waters
27-Oct-19 Sunday Shelly Waters
30-Oct-19 Wednesday Neil Wenck


By the River, By the Sea -
Two Great Clubs for You and Me!